About Us

IDACAPITAL is an independent firm that provides a unique combination of industry acumen, practical experience and an all-hands-on-deck approach to serving clients and selectively picking market opportunities.

Investments – They are the main focus. IDACAPITAL arranges and partners major business opportunities in some of the fastest-growing countries in the world. Infrastructure projects, oil and commodity related development plans and homeland and cyber security are the sectors where IDACAPITAL can provide with great added value.

Diplomacy – In IDACAPITAL it means being respectful of your opponent’s thoughts and opinions. It means listening. It means trying to understand the perspective of others. It means empathizing with others to the best of your ability and working to maintain a positive relationship while effecting change. Business diplomacy involves establishing and sustaining positive relationships with foreign government representatives and non-governmental stakeholders (economic and non-economic) with the aim to build and sustain legitimacy in a foreign business environment.

Advisory – IDACAPITAL’s team provides suggestions and advice to partners and clients how to develop Greenfield project and infrastructural plans.