Our Services

Investments – IDACAPITAL partners with clients, commodity partners and service providers as a private equity investor in joint- ventures. We look for investment opportunities that leverage our ongoing business activities to maximize financial gains.

Diplomacy – The primary mission of IDACAPITAL is to lead partners within the intersection of international public and private sector activities. We will help bridge the differences in perception and communication that often separate these vital segments in fastest-growing countries. We have a deep knowledge of the governmental and economic flows and are confident to align our partners’ interest within local context.

Advisory – IDACAPITAL focuses primarily on providing corporate and financial advisory and relationship management services. We identify business opportunities for our clients and assist them in building relationships with financial institutions, local authorities and strategic partners. We advise clients on how to develop comprehensive infrastructure plans and Greenfield projects and guide them trough the negotiations process to draw up contractual agreements. We also work with clients to assemble strong due diligence team comprised of skilled business, financial and legal advisors.