IDACAPITAL’s leadership ensures full independence of services while providing a full commitment to client’s interests. The international scope of the company gives it a strong focus on best- practice standards.

IDACAPITAL can leverage on its managers long-term experience and expertise in the industrial and financial sectors and their understanding of the local reality in the fast-growing countries context.

Mr. Ignazio Moncada joined as senior partner and is the Chairman of IDACAPITAL, and brings an unparalleled leadership and business experience. He has been active for more than 35 years in both the economic and engineering fields worldwide. He’s still advisor to public and private institutions, internationally but with a focus on the Italian Country, for strategic and special issues.

Mr. Andrea Mennillo is senior partner and serves as Managing Director of IDACAPITAL and brings almost 30 years of leadership experience spent mostly in financial institutions and infrastructure funds worldwide. He acted as chairman, managing director and board member in banks, insurance companies and financial conglomerates in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

IDACAPITAL’s team is enriched with more senior professionals and brings into the marketplace over 140 cumulative years of business experience spent mostly in financial institutions worldwide. IDACAPITAL’s partners have originated and executed over 5 billions euros deals as principal and over 15 billions euros as advisors in different industries and markets.